Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Mindful Dog's First Blog Post

Dogs enrich our lives every day. They teach us how to be mindful. To be mindful is to appreciate the moment. To be mindful is to learn from the moment. To be mindful is to completely immerse ourselves in the moment.

Hence, The Mindful Dog.

The purpose of our blog is to try to give back (some) of what dogs have and continue to teach us. This blog is an ongoing journey that we are excited to take together. We will strive to cover topics important to all who tune in with us. These include:

Dog behavior (why they do what they do and what it means).
Our dog's health and well-being: food, vaccinations, ailments, and so much more!
And of course, the essential ingredient to a happy, healthy life: PLAY... How they play, why they play and the extraordinary importance of what they are telling us through their wonderful way of being the amazing species they are!

Scientifically, dogs are considered juvenile wolves: wolves who are forever playful and child-like in their behavior. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we, as human beings, could emulate this?

This is an interactive journey. We not only welcome, but need your feedback to continue to grow and learn and enrich dog's lives the best we possibly can. To paraphrase Michelangelo:


In our website under "Respect", we quote a Native American parable that sums up to us the connection between man and dog and feel it worth repeating in this first blog:

"To the Native Americans the Dog is the symbol of Loyalty and Protection, and the reverence they have is reflective of our own respect for such a magnificent animal. No other culture better illustrates this than the following parable:
According to an Indian legend, the Great Creator placed all the animals, man and the spirits from the upper worlds together on Earth. When the Spirits got ready to leave this world, they drew a line in the dirt. On one side was Man. On the other side, the Animals and the Spirits. Just then the line created a great fissure. Soon Man was no longer able to cross over to the spirit realm. As they stood the fissure grew and widened. At the very last second, before the fissure was too large to cross, Dog leapt over and stood by Man."

This is our first blog so please be patient as we learn how to fine tune and contribute the best we possibly can within the context of a well-organized, informative "dialogue".

We invite you to join us in this journey to Love, Laugh and Learn about Dogs.


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